Solar Storm VR

Travel through a solar storm: a virtual reality experience

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We bring top quality virtual reality experiences to science

Solar storms are among the most impressive events occurring in our solar system. They emanate from the Sun's atmosphere, and can impact human societies, as they are a threat to satellites and electricity grids.

We believe it is important to share and enthuse the public about space science in an interactive and fun way. Solar Storm VR is a virtual reality experience that let you travel and understand what solar storms are. We are bringing scientific expertise and the most accurate data possible from current and past space missions to ensure that the experience is authentic. By using the most advanced technologies from the creative and entertainment industries, we bring you the most cinematic and immersive experience possible.

Solar Storm VR is a beautiful yet informative experience, and it made me aware of how important space weather is. - Heather, 19, London






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Learn about the project history, the science behind solar storms, and how to experience it

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Project History & Who's who

How we made it happen. Meet the two brains behind SSVR, Miho Janvier and Tom Saville here.

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Learn about the science behind a solar storm. Here

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This is where Solar Storm VR was presented
SmashFest UK
SmashFest UK
Edinburgh International Science Festival
Edinburgh International Science Festival
Cheltenham Science Festival
Cheltenham Science Festival
Dundee Science Center
Dundee Science Center