19 June 2016

Who we are

Meet the people behind SSVR

Miho Janvier

 Tom Saville

 Miho obtained her PhD in 2011 in physical sciences at the University of Kyoto in Japan, and has since worked as a solar/space physicist in France and the United Kingdom. She studies solar eruptions happening at the Sun, and the morphology of solar storms during their journey in space. She is also involved in the future European Space Agency Solar Orbiter mission to the Sun.

She loves science communication and has won several prices doing so, from the AXA Research Fund “Science in photograph” contest to the Famelab 2015 Edinburgh jury’s “wildcard”, and has contributed to several articles appearing on the bbc and the guardian.

Tom graduated from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth in 2008 with a BA in Film and Animation, and while gaining experience under the wing of Leigh Took at Mattes and Miniatures Pinewood, helped to complete the visual effects for Small Town Folk for director Peter Stanley-Ward and producer Chris Musselwhite. The group of filmmakers became Treehouse Digital, and has served as editor and visual effects designer on many of the projects under the Treehouse banner.

Tom’s interest in visual arts and technology came to a head in 2015, with the development of Solar Storm.

Where to find her: Where to find him:
Miho is working at the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale near Paris, France

You can get in touch here.

Tom is working at TreeHouse Digital Ltd in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

You can get in touch here.